Breaking out of the box
Breaking out of the box

Breaking out of the box

A non-traditional toolkit for international study abroad and intercultural exchange

Courses and Resources

Faculty Development

Using Cultural Teaching Autobiographies to Create Inclusive Learning Environments This is a self-paced course delivered in an online asynchronous format. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, working through the materials and activities...
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Student Learning

Cultural Introspection for students going abroad Through guided story telling and cultural auto-biographies, by the end of the module/course / study abroad experience, students / participants will be able to: Identify their own cultural identity...
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Resources on indigenization

This TED Talk is about Creating Environments for Indigenous Youth to Live and Success Etuaptmumk: Two-Eyed Seeing We Are More Than Murdered and Missing
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Resources on inclusion

7 Ways to Foster More Inclusion   Spirituality in the classroom: What?
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